J.F. Martinez Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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 Phone:(929) 208-0011
 Mobile:(917) 669-2143

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I offer my clients more than real estate experience and expertise. I bring energy, determination, competitive spirit, and my beliefs about success. I always say that when you start with a positive idea or goal and consistently feed it positive energy, it will become a reality. I adopt my client’s wants as my own, then channel my drive to win into fulfilling those desires. My attitude helps my clients bring their own positive energy to their transactions. I not only explain the renting, buying or selling process in detail, I stay in close communication with them, keeping them informed, letting them know that I am always working toward their best interests, and giving them reassurance and faith that together we can and will overcome all challenges. My clients know they can call at any time and I’ll be there for them. When you’re looking for a New York realtor who will use his market knowledge, experience, drive, and determination to turn your real estate goals into reality, look to J.F Martinez. You’ll soon know why his past clients say they’d never choose anyone else.

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