New Luxury Hi-Rise 61-55 Junction Boulevard

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Type Status Location Sub Location Price $3,250 1 Month Free Area 0 SF Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2

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New Luxury Hi-Rise now offering 1 Month Free!!

This beautiful luxury building offers everything that you are looking for in an NYC apartment building. Located in Queens Prime Shopping Area, these apartments are convenient to the M,R subway lines and Express Buses with easy access to Midtown

$3250+ Free Rent 

Onsite, we feature shopping, parking garages, great restaurants and even a dog spa. Our apartments feature renovated kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Residents will enjoy our recently renovated resident lounge and on-site fitness center. Amazing views from all of our apartments.


24 hour Doorman
Fitness Center
Outdoor Deck
Children s Playground
Residents Lounge with Pool tables
Parking Garage
Pet Friendly
Amazing Views of Manhattan and Queens


1 Bedrooms Starting at $2,575 with 1 Month Free 
(DESCRIPTION: Stainless Steel, Appliances, Granite Countertops, washer/dryer in every apartment, New Custom Cabinetry)TIM TORRES

Mobile: (714) 767-0895


40 Water Street, Suite 2, New York, NY 10004

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 (929) 208-0011

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  1. Muhammad

    A 2BR government suzibdised apartment is not easy to get on such short notice. There is usually a huge waiting list to get into these types of housing. My grandparents got into their govt suzibdised apartment in Chinatown after a 15 year wait! I doubt you can secure one in such short notice.To move all your stuff to NYC, you’d have to hire some movers to truck all your furniture, clothes, electronics, etc The cost to move your stuff could cost up to $ 2000 depending on how much stuff you have. Of course, you’d have to have an address first so they know where to deliver your stuff to, so that means you’d need to come to NYC a month or two beforehand to sign a lease to a place. If you want to go cheap, you can probably take Boltbus or Megabus to get to NYC for less than $ 10. If you have any friends in the city, maybe hit them up for a favor and crash with them for the weekend while you search for an apartment. Make sure you do your homework first and find out which part of Manhattan/Brooklyn you want to move to. Search some rental sites to become familiar with the areas. If you don’t get a rent-suzibdised apartment, expect to pay anywhere from $ 2000 to $ 4000/month for a 2BR apartment in Manhattan .Brooklyn, depending on where you decide can be almost as expensive if you’re in Brooklyn Heights but much less if you go further into Brooklyn. Look around on the internet to see what the going rents are in each neighborhood so you won’t be surprised when you start looking around. Was this answer helpful?

  2. Serhan

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  4. Ryne

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